SHEM119 Project: Digital marketing


This unit provides students with opportunities to develop a strong and wide understanding of digital marketing tactics and how they apply to the real world business in the e-business context. The programme also focuses on skills and knowledge which are necessary to help the students succeed in the digital age.

The unit has been designed as a balanced mixture of group discussions, presentation of case studies and workshops. The development of workshops and discussions will help students to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and critical thinking on aspects associated with e-business and digital marketing.

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Business, Management, Technology and Innovation (jointly with York University) (in English)


Assoc. Prof. Kristian Postagian, PhD
Asst. Prof. Boryana Gigova, PhD

Course Description:


Students who complete this course:

1) will be able to:

• Plan and design an effective website

• Understand how to track and analyse web usage
Students are required to have the following knowledge and/or skills:

• No preliminary requirements

Full-time Programmes

Types of Courses:

Language of teaching:


  1. Google Digital Marketing tools – use, advantages, and metrics
  2. Digital Marketing Campaigns – transforming experience. Case studies Analysis
  3. Web tools for creating a website and promoting it through search engine marketing. Seo, ppc, rss, truster feed, web.2 definitions and paradigms.


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