HSEM104 Tolerance and Intolerance: Muslims, Christians and Jews in South-Eastern Europe


• Combining the macro-historical with the micro-historical approaches, the course examines the inter-relations between the three main ethno-religious groups – Christians, Muslims and Jews – in South-Eastern Europe from a long-term perspective, from Ottoman times to the present.

• It focuses on the building through the centuries of a specific model of coexistence between these communities in the region including contacts and conflicts as well as many mutual influences and interchanges.

• Issues such as religious conversion in South-Eastern Europe, the impact of the image of “the other” as well as of the economic and political developments in the region on inter-relations, different manifestations of tolerance and intolerance will be discussed. The question to what extend this historical background and experience of co-existence could be important nowadays will be also considered.

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Southeast European Studies (in English)


Prof. Rumen Genov, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Svetla Yaneva, PhD

Course Description:


• The students are acquainted with the most relevant literature and research in the field, with the different approaches to the specific topics discussed in the course and with the current historiographical debates on them.

• The students improve their abilities of analysis and interpretation of different primary and secondary sources as well as their skills of written and oral presentations.
• English language proficiency

• Background in Humanities or related field

Full-time Programmes

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Essays, test, seminars, discussion. The final grade is based on participation in the seminars and in the discussion, on the presentation of essays, and on the results of the test.