International Business Communications (in English)

Short presentation of the programme:

The programme is taught in English and aims to meet the growing need for professionals in the field of international communications trained in theory and practice to manage independent information structures and to be active in the fields of media, marketing, business, politics and NGOs. The philosophy of the programme is aligned, on the one hand, with the philosophy of NBU, and on the other, with the already adopted training and educational standards in the field of international communications. The main emphasis is on preparing knowledgeable and experienced professionals to work in an international context. The importance of intercultural communications is growing at a rapid pace, following the processes of globalisation. Both private and public organisations need trained professionals who know how to plan, implement and evaluate communication campaigns aimed at different cultural groups and communities. An important aspect of the educational process is the Erasmus+ student mobility. In the second or third semester of their studies, the students are recommended to apply for an Erasmus+ semester at a partner university.

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International Business Communications (in English)
  • Prof. Tolia Stoitsova, DSc COMM007 Seminar: The Hofstede Model for the Dimensions of the National Culture COMM009 Seminar: Exploring the Language of Television Using Umberto Eco's Semiotic System COMM803 International context of Communication: Hofstede model COMM823 Psychology of mass media
  • Prof. Desislava Boshnakova, PhD COMM802 Corporate Reputation Management COMM813 Project: Management of Communication Campaigns COMM821 Managing / communicating through special events COMM826 Project: Research of efficiency in communication trough Special events COMM831 Management of communication campaigns
  • Assoc. Prof. Alexander Hristov, PhD COMM834 PR strategies in media COMM837 Project: PR Strategies in the Media
  • Assoc. Prof. Vladislav Dimitrov, PhD COMM804 Features of communication in international organizations COMM807 Project: Research on the Corporate Communication in the Intercultural Context COMM825 Crisis management in business COMM830 Project: Crisis management in organizations COMM832 Internal company communications
  • Assist. Prof. Evelina Christova, PhD COMM008 Seminar: The Organisational Communications of the International Organisation COMM804 Features of communication in international organizations COMM824 Integrated Marketing Communications COMM829 Project: Integrated Marketing Communications COMM832 Internal company communications
  • Assoc. Prof. Ninel Nesheva-Kioseva, PhD COMM801 International Business Environment and Corporative Communications COMM806 Project: Audit of International Business Environment of Corporate Communication
  • Assoc. Prof. Stoyko Petkov, PhD COMM805 Strategic management and communications planning COMM810 Project: Communication Planning & Management COMM822 Exploring communication in new media COMM827 Project: Exploring the communication in New media COMM835 Integrated approach and planning campaign in the new media COMM836 Internship
  • Asst. Prof. Reni Yankova, PhD SEMM724 PR Brand Strategies SEMM739 Project: PR Brand Strategies
  • Asst. Prof. Diana Kulchitskaya COMM835 Integrated approach and planning campaign in the new media
  • Asst. Justin Toms Djadala Maria, PhD COMM802 Corporate Reputation Management
  • Asst. Georgi Tsonev SEMM716 Practicum in public Presentation
  • Neli Benova COMM833 Public Speaking and Written Business Communication