Speech Therapy (in English)

Short presentation of the programme:

The programme trains highly qualified scientific personnel who can conduct both fundamental and applied scientific research in various fields of language and speech pathology and related fields. The PhD students are trained thanks to their participation in doctoral courses, scientific conferences, symposia, specialised international seminars and specialisations, etc., teaching, expert and advisory activities, supervision of internships and practical activities of students in bachelor's and master's programmes in the field, participation in projects, publications, research and practical activities in the field of language and speech pathology.

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Speech Therapy (in English)

Major and professional qualification:

Scientific direction:

Practical training courses:

The program provides the opportunity to participate in practicums and internships at the Center for the Therapy of Communicative and Emotional-Behavioral Disorders at NBU, as well as to work on research projects in the labs of experimental psychology and neurosciences at NBU.

International mobility:

Exchange of PhD students with European Universities (Norway and Italy).

Graduate Student Competencies:

The following are some of the skills that graduates will have:

• the ability to conduct analytical work and research in the field of speech and language pathology by working on independent research and experiments;

• the ability to plan research and experiments based on the most recent achievements in the scientific field;

• the ability to process data, evaluate and interpret results;

• the ability to conduct scientific exchanges and participate in Bulgarian and international research projects;

• the ability to prepare speech and language pathology diagnostic and treatment plans.


Covering the required number of credits and defending a PhD thesis.

Department :

Health Care and Social Work