Psycho-social interventions with children and families

Short presentation of the programme:

Psycho-social interventions with children and families

Major and professional qualification:

Major: Social work with children and families – Clinical profile
Qualification: Social worker /Specialists in Social Work (children)

Practical training courses:

Students practice in services for children and families under the supervision of program teachers.

Graduate Student Competencies:

o Theories of individual development

o Theories in social work and their application in practice

o Approaches, techniques, and programs in working with children and their families

o Multi-sectoral cooperation and children’s rights

o Roles and responsibilities in multidisciplinary teams working with children and their families

o Policy development and implementation

o International child welfare policies and practices and their implementation in the local community of practice

o The relational dimensions in the professional environment

Skills for:

o Working with specific groups of children: Children living in residential services, children in conflict with the law, child victims of trafficking, physical, and sexual violence, children with disabilities, children of different ethnic groups and cultures

o Casework: With children and families

o Management of team processes, mentoring, and interviewing


After covering the required number of credits, a Master’s Thesis defence and/or a state examination.

Occupation and possible positions:

o Community social services

o Child protection departments

o Schools

o Medical centres

o Psycho-social counselling centres

Department :

Health Care and Social Work