Balkan And Eastern Mediterranean Archeology (In English)

Short presentation of the programme:

The programme was set up jointly with the Balkan Heritage Foundation (BHF) and is mainly aimed at foreign English-speaking students who come to Bulgaria for archaeological internships at BHF to acquire knowledge of archaeology of the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean. The programme is in English and some lecture courses are taught online via Moodle NBU platform. This allows students who do not have the opportunity to stay in Bulgaria for two years to enrol in it. There are two obligatory summer archaeological internships and specialised courses at the NBU archaeometry and experimental archaeology laboratory, offered at the end of the second and fourth semesters when students come to Bulgaria for their internships, which guarantee solid practical training in the latest methods analysis of archaeological objects and artefacts. The online platform allows foreign lecturers from universities in Great Britain, USA and Australia to teach in the programme and their courses guarantee the international image of the programme. In addition to archaeological courses, the programme comprises courses in Geographic Information Systems and Orthophotography which are applicable to a number of areas beyond archaeological survey.

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Balkan And Eastern Mediterranean Archeology (In English)

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Major: Archaeology
Qualification: MA in archaeology

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