Human Resources Management and Development (in English) Distance Learning

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The programme is designed in accordance with the International Standards for Human Resource Management of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD), UK, as well as the European and National Qualifications Framework. The programme is available in Bulgarian and English language.

Its thematic areas cover the strategic role of human resources and staffing; the new roles of the HR manager as coach, mentor and consultant; training and career development; labour relations and safety management; organisational development and change; knowledge management, human capital information and people creativity; innovation and entrepreneurship in an organisation. The programme comprises four terms, i.e. a preparatory module and three semesters. The preparatory module trains on policies and strategies for HR planning and management, the processes of staff recruitment, selection and retention, types of interviews, professional standards for human resource management, assessment and development centres, coaching, mentoring and consulting, best practices in HR management, provides knowledge and develops skills for insurance, training and staff career development. In the first semester, key aspects of HR employment, performance management, reward and compensation, health and safety, as well as pension systems are considered and discussed. The second semester is focused on HR in an international context in terms of globalisation and constant change, leadership in organisations, global and national culture, quality management, project management. The third semester draws attention to employer branding as a means of attracting and retaining talent, talent development conditions, creativity stimulus, innovation and entrepreneurship, the role of information technology and knowledge management. The programme pays special attention to the role of lifelong learning and builds up skills for continuing professional development through a Continuing Professional Development specialised practicum. The programme offers a building-on semester for the applicants who hold the professional bachelor’s degree in the professional area of Administration and Management.

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Human Resources Management and Development (in English) Distance Learning

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