Marketing Management (in Bulgarian) Distance Learning

Short presentation of the programme:

The master's programme in Marketing Management provides students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills to develop in the field of implementation and management of marketing processes in modern businesses, to get and retain new prospective markets, to start and implement new practices and processes in marketing management field. The programme is aligned with the latest trends in the development of marketing, branding and processes in marketing management. The programme provides up-to-date knowledge of the theory and practice of marketing and prepares students to pursue careers in organisations. The educational goal of the master's programme in Marketing Management is to prepare highly qualified and competent specialists with specialised functional knowledge in the field of marketing and general economic preparation. The teaching team consists of young, highly qualified and innovative teaching method specialists with extensive academic and professional experience. The courses have been developed on the basis of consultations with Bulgarian companies actively involved in international business and with the state administration regulating this activity. The training takes place within two semesters. The programme offers a preparatory module for holders of degrees in educational fields outside of economics and business management. There is a building semester for holders of professional bachelor’s degree.

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Marketing Management (in Bulgarian) Distance Learning


В програмата могат да кандидатстват студенти:

- завършили висше образование в същото или друго професионално направление, с диплома за съответната образователна степен и акредитиране на полученото обучение по регламентираната процедура на НБУ.

Приемът се състои в интервю с комисия и представяне на мотивационно есе на тема: "Защо искам да се обучавам в МП "Маркетинг мениджмънт".

За студенти от същото професионално направление програмата е с продължителност на обучение - 2 семестъра. Студенти от друго професионално направление записват допълнително подготвителни курсове с продължителност един семестър, студенти със степен на образование Професионален бакалавър, записват допълнително надграждащи курсове.