Programs Listing

Master's Programmes

Accounting and Auditing (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Accounting
    Specialisation:  Auditing
Advertising and Brand Management (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Advertising and Lifestyles
    Specialisation:  Brand Management
Advertising Management and Visual Branding (in Bulgarian)
Agribusiness Management and Rural Areas Development (in Bulgarian)
American and British Studies. Comparative Studies (in English)
Ancient Egypt in the Classical Age (in Bulgarian)
Archaeological Research (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Ancient Archaeology
    Specialisation:  Medieval Archaeology
    Specialisation:  Prehistory
Architecture (in Bulgarian)
Art Management. Management of Cultural Institutions and Creative Industries (in Bulgarian)
Artistic Practices in Architectural Environment (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Artistic Practices in an Architectural Environment
Artistic Psychosocial Practices and Psychodrama (in Bulgarian)
Balkan And Eastern Mediterranean Archeology (In English)
Banking and Finance (jointly with York University) (in English)
Brand Management (in English)
Business Administration (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Human Resource Management
    Specialisation:  Management and Leadership
    Specialisation:  Risk Management
Business Communications (in Bulgarian)
Business, Management, Technology and Innovation (jointly with York University) (in English)
Ceramics and Porcelain: Modern and Digital Forms (in Bulgarian)
Classical Music (in Bulgarian)
Clinical Psychology: A Psychoanalytic Perspective (in Bulgarian)
Clinical Social Work (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Social work with clinical cases
Cognitive Science (in English)
Comparative Art Studies (in Bulgarian)
Composition and Conducting (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Choral Conducting
    Specialisation:  Composition
    Specialisation:  Orchestral Conducting
Countering Crime and Terrorism (in Bulgarian)
Creative Writing (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Philology
Criminology and Crime Prevention Policies (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Crime Prevention and Resocialisation of Criminals
Cultural and Social Anthropology (in Bulgarian)
Cultural Tourism (in Bulgarian)
Cyber Security (in Bulgarian)
Dance Art (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Bulgarian Folk Dance Choreography
    Specialisation:  Contemporary Dance Choreography
Developmental Psychology (in Bulgarian)
Digital Communications (in Bulgarian)
Digital Marketing and Social Media (jointly with York University) (in English)
Diplomacy and International Relations (in Bulgarian)
Directing Animation (in Bulgarian)
Entertainment Management (in Bulgarian)
Environmental Expertise and Control (in Bulgarian)
European Management (in Bulgarian)
Extraction of Knowledge and Technologies from Big Data (in Bulgarian)
Fashion, Styling and Business Strategies (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Fashion and Business Strategies
    Specialisation:  Стайлинг
Film and Television Art (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Cinema and Television Cinematography
    Specialisation:  Cinema and Television Directing
    Specialisation:  Cinema Dramaturgy
Finance (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Financial Management
Graphic Design for Digital and Print Media (in Bulgarian)
Healthcare Management (in Bulgarian)
History, Politics, Religion (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Eras of Transition
    Specialisation:  Public and Social Policies: History and Contemporary Issues
    Specialisation:  Religion in History
Human Resources Management and Development (in Bulgarian and English)
Human Resources Management and Development (in English)
Illustration and Graphic Technologies (in Bulgarian)
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Computer and Communication Technologies (in Bulgarian)
International Alternative Tourism (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Alternative Tourism
International Business and Development (in Bulgarian)
International Business and Development (in English)
International Business Communications (in English)
International Relations and Public Administration (in French)
Internet Software Technologies (in Bulgarian)
IT Project Management (in Bulgarian)
Journalism 3.0 (Online Press, Radio and Television) (in Bulgarian)
Language and Publicity. Philosophical and Sociological Approaches (in Bulgarian)
Law (in Bulgarian)
Leadership and Public Management (in Bulgarian)
Legal Translation with One Foreign Language (English or German) (in English/German and Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  English language
    Specialisation:  German language
Legal Translation with Two Foreign Languages (English and German) (in English, German and Bulgarian)
Linguodidactics (in Bulgarian and a foreign language)
    Specialisation:  Foreign Language Teacher of Adults
    Specialisation:  Foreign Language Teacher of Children
    Specialisation:  Foreign Language Teacher of Specialists
    Specialisation:  Teacher of Foreign Language and Educational Technologies in FLT
Literature, Book Publishing, Media (in Bulgarian)
Management for Organisational Excellence (in Bulgarian)
Marketing Management (in Bulgarian)
Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations (jointly with York University) (in English)
Microbiology (in Bulgarian)
    Module: Food Microbiology
    Module: Human Microbiology
Multimedia and Computer Animation (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Computer Technology
Music Performance (in English)
Musical: Musical Drama and Comedy (in Bulgarian)
Musicology (in Bulgarian)
National and International Security (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Internal Security
    Specialisation:  international Security, Migration, Diplomacy
Neuropsychology (jointly with York University) (in English)
    Specialisation:  Clinical neuropsychology
    Specialisation:  Cognitive neuropsychology
Organisational and Social Psychology (in Bulgarian)
Painting (in Bulgarian)
Performing Arts and Society (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Acting
Photographic Art (in Bulgarian)
Political Management and Public Policies (in Bulgarian)
Pop and Jazz Music (in Bulgarian)
Poster and Communication Design (in Bulgarian)
Psychosocial Interventions with Children and Families (in Bulgarian)
Psychosocial Interventions with Children and Families (in English)
Public Management (in English)
Scene Design and Media (in Bulgarian)
Social Entrepreneurship (in Bulgarian)
Sound Direction (in Bulgarian)
Southeast European Studies (in English)
Spatial and Interior Product Design (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Spatial and Interior Product Design
Speech and Language Pathology (in Bulgarian)
Speech and Language Pathology (in English)
Strategic Leadership (in English)
Technologies in Translation and Interpreting (in English)
Telecommunications (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  : Digital Telecommunication Networks
The Art of Glass in Design and Architecture (in Bulgarian)
The Civilizations of Eurasia (in Bulgarian)
The Mediterranean World: Hellas, Rome and the Ancient Near East (in Bulgarian)
Thrace and the Culture of the Ancient World (in Bulgarian)
Tourism Business Management (in Bulgarian)
Translation and Interpretation (in Bulgarian and a foreign language(s))
    Specialisation:  Interpreter with (specify foreign language) language
    Specialisation:  Translator with (specify foreign language) language
Visual Anthropology (in Bulgarian)