Programs Listing

Bachelor's Programmes

Accounting and Controlling (in Bulgarian)
Advertising (in Bulgarian)
Animation Cinema (in Bulgarian)
Anthropology (in Bulgarian)
Applied Foreign Languages for Administration and Management (in English and a second foreign language)
Arabic studies (Arabic language, culture and literature) (in Bulgarian and Arabic)
Art Studies and Art Management (in Bulgarian)
Biology: General and Applied (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  General Biology
    Specialisation:  Microbiology
Bulgarian studies (Bulgarian language, culture and literature) (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Teacher of Bulgarian language and literature
    Specialisation:  Writing, Editing, Publishing
Business Management and Entrepreneurship (in Bulgarian)
Business Studies (Joint programme with The University of York)
    Specialisation:  Finance and Accounting
    Specialisation:  Hotel and Hospitality
    Specialisation:  Management
    Specialisation:  Marketing
Cell Biology and Virology (in Bulgarian)
Cinema and Television (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Cinema and Television Cinematography
    Specialisation:  Cinema and Television Directing
    Specialisation:  Cinema and Television Editing
    Specialisation:  Cinema Dramaturgy
Civil and Corporate Security (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Criminology and Forensic Science
    Specialisation:  Population Protection and Critical Infrastructure
    Specialisation:  Public Safety and Crime Prevention
Ecology and Environmental Protection (in Bulgarian)
Elementary School Pedagogy and Foreign Language (in Bulgarian and a foreign language)
English Language and Professional Communication (Joint programme with the University of York)
English Studies (English Language, Culture and Literature) (in English and Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Teacher
    Specialisation:  Translator
Fashion (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Experimental and Unique Fashion
    Specialisation:  Fashion Industry
Finance (in Bulgarian)
German Studies (with English as a Second Language) (in German, English and Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Teacher
    Specialisation:  Translator
Graphic Design (in Bulgarian)
Greek Language and Culture (in Greek and Bulgarian)
Hispanic Studies (with English as a Second Language) (in Spanish, English and Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Teacher
    Specialisation:  Translator
History and Archaeology (in Bulgarian)
    Module: Eurasian Archaeology
    Module: History of Bulgaria, Europe and the World
Informatics (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Computer Programming
Information Technologies (in Bulgarian)
    Module: Business Informatics
    Module: Computer Gaming Technology
Interior Design (in Bulgarian)
Journalism (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Online and Print Journalism
    Specialisation:  Radio and Television Journalism
Marketing (in Bulgarian)
Multimedia and Computer Graphics (in Bulgarian)
Music (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Bulgarian Folk Arts
    Specialisation:  Bulgarian Folk Arts
    Specialisation:  Cello
    Specialisation:  Double Bass
    Specialisation:  Electronic and Computer Music
    Specialisation:  Guitar
    Specialisation:  Musical Art
    Specialisation:  Percussion Instruments
    Specialisation:  Piano
    Specialisation:  Pop and Jazz Instruments
    Specialisation:  Pop and Jazz Singing
    Specialisation:  Sound Design
    Specialisation:  Stringed instruments
    Specialisation:  Violin
    Specialisation:  Wind instruments
Networking Technologies
    Module: Network Administration
    Module: Network Programming
Philosophy (in Bulgarian)
Photography and Videography (in Bulgarian)
Political Sciences (in Bulgarian)
    Module: European policies
    Module: International Relations
    Module: Political Management
Politics and Society (in English)
Politique internationale
Psychology (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Mental Disorders
    Specialisation:  Psychology of Cognition and Development
    Specialisation:  Psychology of Groups and Organisations
Psychology (in English)
Public Relations (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Corporate Communications
    Specialisation:  Special Event Planning
Russian Studies (with English as a second foreign language) (in Russian and English)
    Specialisation:  Teacher
    Specialisation:  Translator
Sociology (in Bulgarian)
Speech Therapy (in Bulgarian)
Telecommunications and Computer Technology (in Bulgarian)
    Module: Artificial Intelligence and Technology Management in the Internet World
    Module: Computer Systems and Network Security
    Module: Network Engineering and the Internet of Things
    Module: Telecommunications Technologies and Mobile Applications
Theatre (in Bulgarian)
    Module: Acting
    Module: Dance Theatre
Tourism (in Bulgarian)
    Specialisation:  Cutural Tourism
    Specialisation:  Hotel and tour operator management
Visual Arts (in Bulgarian)
    Module: Ceramics and porcelain. Digital forms
    Module: Contemporary painting and mural painting
    Module: Glass in Art and Design
    Module: Graphics and Illustration
    Module: Poster and Advertising Design
    Module: Stage Design
Web Design and Graphic Advertising (in Bulgarian)