POLS420 Сигурност и външна политика в Черноморския регион



The course is designed and based on the acquired knowledge and skills by the students in the previous semesters to offer in-depth analysis of the national security and foreign policy of the Black Sea region. The lectures will gradually introduce students to the multi-layered dimensions of both types of policy, the relationship between them and the specific reasons behind each case. Emphasis will be placed on various forms of diplomatic relations implemented by countries in the region in pursuit of private interests. Special attention will be paid to the efforts aimed at achieving a stable level of regional security both on state and regional level. Through examples and adequate study of the history of specific events, students will build ability and knowledge in identifying potential future problems and their analysis in depth.

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Международна политика (на френски език)


гл. ас. Любомир Стефанов  д-р
ас. Христо Панчугов  

Описание на курса:



After completing successfully this course the students will:

1) know:

• The main problems facing the construction of collective security in the Black Sea region;

• The evolution of military-political relations between countries in the region;

• Unique opportunities for development of relations between countries in the Black Sea region.

2) are able to:

• decide on their own research and practical tasks designed to detect the presence / absence of policy in the surveyed areas.

• Conduct in-depth analyses of specific examples and documentation on the origin, evolution of the relationship of security in the region, and external methods, means and objectives of the countries in the region.

3) job opportunities, according to the National Register of Jobs and Positions in the Republic of Bulgaria:

• Experts in social and related sciences and humanities

• Teachers in universities, colleges and other academic schools

• Diplomats

• Journalists and editors
Предварителни изисквания:

Students should know and/or be able to:

• Excellent English language;

• Regarding the basic concepts in political science and international relations;

• Political History of Southeastern Europe;

• World political history of 20th century

Форми на провеждане:

Учебни форми:

Език, на който се води курса:

Теми, които се разглеждат в курса:

  1. nternational relations - evolution and systems. The meaning and place of the Black Sea region in the system of international relations.
  2. Security Policy and External Relations - actors, goals, objectives and means. Leading concepts and policies
  3. Black Sea region - part of Southeastern Europe.
  4. Concepts for the development of the region - from the Balkan federation to member states and candidate states and NATO.
  5. Bulgaria and Romania - Moonlighting.
  6. Ukraine - test region and the international community. The War from 2022 - new reality and challenges
  7. Turkey - in Europe, but not quite.
  8. Georgia and Armenia - the dilemma for the EU and NATO.
  9. Moldova and Belarus - a part of the puzzle or not
  10. Pro or anti-Russia - new dimensions of dependence.
  11. NATO - certainly at a crossroads.
  12. Presentations
  13. presentations
  14. Discussion
  15. Seminar

Литература по темите:


Kissinger, Henry "Diplomacy"

Castellane, George - "History of the Balkans XIV - XX century."

Fukuyama, Francis "The End of History and the Last Man"

Huntington, Samuel "The Clash of Civilizations and the transformation of world order,"

Davies, Norman „Europe: a history”, New York: Harper Perennial, 1998.

Linz, Juan J. & Stepan, Alfred „Problems of Democratic Transitions and Consolidation: Southern Europe, South America, and Post-Communist Europe.” Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996.

Sen, Amartya - “Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny (Issues of Our Time)”, W. W. Norton, 2006.

Schopflin, George „Politics in Eastern Europe 1945 – 1992”, Oxford: Blackwell, 1993.

Средства за оценяване:


Seminar discussions 20 %

Course project 50 %

Case study - 30 %