SHEB609 Дигитална трансформация


The rate and magnitude of the changes underway are already affecting our world in profound ways. Innovations in mobile technology, the Internet of Things, are reshaping consumer behaviour and business trends. They’re affecting people’s work and social relationships. Organisations that are looking to the future have acknowledged this and are trying to adapt to stay relevant and drive growth. Companies, governments, and nonprofits all have the power to accomplish good things with the advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, and The Internet of things. Digital transformation is all about figuring that out.

This module deals with several of the transformations that have arisen in contemporary organisations as a result of the implementation and utilisation of information systems. A selection of case studies to explore, familiarise and identify the challenges/opportunities that have arisen in contemporary organisations. The new types of jobs & organisational structures in the digitalised enterprise; Digital Consumption; e-commerce, e-Healthcare, big data, digital security, privacy and ethics.

The aim of this module is to enable students to critically analyse real-world case studies of Digital Transformation, identify key challenges and opportunities, and propose strategic solutions. Students will be able to acquire valuable insights into how organisations have successfully navigated the challenges and opportunities presented by technology adoption.

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Описание на курса:


By the end of the module, a student will be able to:

- LO1 Understand the concept of Digital Transformation, by defining and explaining the concept of digital transformation and its impact on business strategies.

- LO2 Analyse real-world case studies and develop skills to critically analyse case studies of digital transformation in various industries.

- LO3 Explore and identify industry-specific trends in digital transformation and understand how different sectors approach and adapt to technological changes.

- LO4 Identify and analyse the challenges and risks faced by the organisation during the Digital Transformation and how these challenges may have impacted the success or failure of the initiative.

Предварителни изисквания:

Форми на провеждане:

Учебни форми:

Език, на който се води курса:

Теми, които се разглеждат в курса:

  1. Digital Transformation: An in-depth overview Technologies driving Digital Transformation in business (AR/VR, AI, IoT)
  2. Data storytelling and ways to deliver a digital transformation story
  3. Future trends, challenges and risks in Digital Transformation
  4. Digital Transformation in E-commerce: A Case Study on Amazon
  5. Guest and company visit
  6. Quiz
  7. Digital Transformation in Hospitality: A Case Study on Airbnb's Digital Transformation
  8. Digital Transformation in Education: A Case Study in online learning platforms
  9. Digital Transformation in Fashion: A Case Study on Burberry’s Digital Transformation
  10. Digital Transformation in Entertainment: A Case Study on Netflix’s Digital Transformation

Литература по темите:

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