MABM225 Communication in International Organizations: UK and USA


The course aims to provide students with knowledge about various types of international organizations and their structure, as well as with some main characteristics of communication processes in their work.

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American and British Studies. Comparative Approaches.


Assist. Prof. Evelina Christova, PhD

Course Description:



1) know:

What are the main types of organizations in international environment and how to conduct the planning of common communication goals.

2) can:

To plan strategic communications in an international environment and diverse organizational structures.

Students have knowledge and / or skills:

To know the basic principles of PR and communication processes

Full-time Programmes

Types of Courses:

Language of teaching:


  1. Organizations in today's world. Introduction
  2. Legislative framework - Europe, USA, Asia
  3. International - is it based on territory or employee diversity
  4. Types of organizational structures
  5. Diversity issues
  6. International governmental organizations
  7. International NGOs
  8. International banks
  9. Large corporations - food giants
  10. Large corporations - tech giants
  11. Large corporations - medicines and chemical industry
  12. International advertising companies - chains and partnerships
  13. International PR firms - chains and partnerships
  14. Communication between international organizations. Practices, language technologies.
  15. Summary of the course and final thoughts



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