ITTM031 Изследователски методи и техники


The course presents basic concepts from the main linguistic theories of the 20th century and their application in the contrastive study of languages. Explored are ideas from different schools, at different linguistic levels, and with a focus on problems of language asymmetry and translation. Students who have successfully completed the course will be able to identify correctly modern linguistic theories and to apply this knowledge to the contrastive study of languages.

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Технологии в писмения и устния превод


гл. ас. Милка Хаджикотева  д-р
доц. Борис Наймушин  д-р

Описание на курса:


Learning outcomes

Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge base of specific topics within the areas of language structure, translation studies, and computational linguistics;

Demonstrate a critical understanding of the published literature and current debates in these areas;

Demonstrate self-direction and originality in formulating research questions about relevant research topic of interest, and in selecting and applying appropriate linguistic and natural language processing (NLP) methods to successfully address them;
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Форми на провеждане:

Учебни форми:

Език, на който се води курса:

Теми, които се разглеждат в курса:

  1. Research Methods and Techniques: Introduction
  2. Research Methods and Techniques: Discussion
  3. Research Methods and Techniques: Presentations

Литература по темите:

The Translation Studies Reader, Lawrence Venuti

After Babel: Aspects of Language and TranslationAfter Babel: Aspects of Language and Translation, George Steiner

In Other Words: A Coursebook on TranslationIn Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation, Mona Baker