MHRE417D Entrepreneurship in organization and human resources


The course has a practical focus and includes 8 hours of lecture attendance, 8:00 a discussion forum, 6 hours of work in virtual teams and 8 hours of classroom practice.

Benefits of entrepreneurship education is not limited to the development of employability own business. Entrepreneurship education helps people to be more creative and confident. The course provides students with tools that help them to think creatively, solve various problems effectively, to make an objective analysis of business ideas and evaluate a project.

The main objectives of the course are:

• encourage creativity and innovative thinking in students;

• to develop personal qualities and skills of students who are at the core of entrepreneurial attitudes and behavior (creativity, initiative, risk taking, independence, self-confidence, leadership, team spirit);

• To raise the awareness of students about entrepreneurship as a career option;

• provide tools to stimulate staff in the organization to work on specific projects and entrepreneurial activities

• explain the role of talent.

The course provides an overview of entrepreneurship in the organization. It is not intended to cover all aspects of entrepreneurship that affect the organization of the company's strategy and performance, but rather aims to introduce students to the role of human capital, with some of the basic concepts and analytical tools that are used corporate entrepreneurship as part of an overall corporate strategy for the renewal of product lines or services to offer completely new products and services, including new technologies, enter new markets.

In particular, the course focuses on four main areas:

• the need for entrepreneurial behavior within the organization;

• establishment and development of people with entrepreneurial behavior;

• how companies take advantage of entrepreneurial behavior;

• how companies develop and maintain competitive advantage through corporate


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Управление и развитие на човешките ресурси (на английски език) - ДО


доц. Мария Иванова  д-р
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Описание на курса:


1) know:

• How to develop an entrepreneurial spirit (awareness and motivation);

• what is needed to create a business, and to manage business growth;

• how to develop entrepreneurial skills needed to identify and exploit business opportunities.

2) Upon successful completion of the course students should be able to:

• be more creative, highly motivated, proactive, self-contained;

• effectively communicate, to make the right decisions, effective leaders, negotiators, to solve problems;

• be less dependent to be risky players, live in conditions of uncertainty and change, able to identify opportunities..

Предварителни изисквания:
Students should have knowledge and/ or skills in:

• English reading/ writing skills

• Computer skills (text-processing, worksheets, Internet and e-mail)

• Knowledge and understanding of basic management concepts

• Knowledge and understanding of the importance of management and human resources development

• Knowledge of the "personnel management".

Форми на провеждане:

Учебни форми:

Език, на който се води курса:

Теми, които се разглеждат в курса:

  1. Management of corporate entrepreneurship
  2. HRM practices and innovation
  3. HR Systems and Innovation
  4. HRM systems and corporate entrepreneurship
  5. Organizational culture and sorporativno prezpriemachestvo
  6. Knowledge Management and Corporate Entrepreneurship
  7. Promoting corporate entrepreneurship through human resources - management practices

Литература по темите:

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2nd Edition, Thompson/Southwestern Publishing

Harvard Business School Publishing online cases:

Corporate Entrepreneurship for Dummies, HBS 2005 BAB114

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