MALM040 Проект: ИКТ в обучението по чужд език и работа в дигитална среда


As will become clear during the course, there is no 'best' theory that can account for all aspects of human learning. As such, the overarching objective of this course is to expose students to a variety of theories, each of which has the potential to be useful in understanding learning and teaching in a variety of settings. However, for this information to be useful, educators need to have an understanding of when and how different approaches should be utilized. To this end, many of the assignments and activities of this course will focus on applying different theoretical perspectives to ill-defined, realistic learning situations. In addition, one of the goals of this course is for students to develop a coherent, explicit sense of their own beliefs about learning, and how the various theories hold together and are related to, or influenced by, other perspectives. This course is comprised of 5 separate modules, not of equal length.

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гл. ас. Милен Шипчанов  д-р
гл. ас. Станислав Богданов  д-р

Описание на курса:


Conduct a target audience analysis

• Make appropriate and justifiable media-selection decisions

• Design and develop technology-rich training plans

• Analyze and synthesize current research findings related to technology applications in training

• Evaluate the characteristics of face-to-face and distance media for distance only and blended learning options

• Assess technology-rich training and make suggestions for improvement.
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All the Required Readings are available online through the Moodle course and the NBU Library system.