DIHB013 Проект "Анимацията като средство за екипно обучение" (Animation as a Participative Tool of Education)


This course explores the use of animation as a dynamic educational tool to facilitate understanding of complex concepts, engage students, and foster participative learning. It combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills in creating animated content tailored for educational purposes.

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Телекомуникации и компютърни технологии


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Описание на курса:


Upon completing the curriculum on "Animation as a Participative Tool of Education," students will have acquired the following skills:

Technical Skills:

- Proficiency in using various animation software and tools.

- Ability to design and create engaging educational animations.

- Skills in storyboarding, scripting, and audio-visual editing for animated content.

Educational Skills:

- Understanding of pedagogical theories related to visual learning and animation.

- Competence in integrating animated content into lesson plans and curricula.

- Knowledge of assessment methods to evaluate the impact of animation in learning.

Creative Skills:

- Development of original ideas for educational animations.

- Crafting compelling narratives that align with educational objectives.

- Artistic skills in character design, background creation, and color theory.

Research and Analytical Skills:

- Ability to conduct research on the effectiveness of animation in education.

- Critical thinking skills to analyze educational needs and tailor animations accordingly.

- Evaluation skills to assess the learning outcomes of animated educational materials.

Communication and Collaboration Skills:

- Enhanced communication skills for presenting ideas and concepts through animation.

- Teamwork and collaboration abilities for working on group animation projects.

- Skills in providing and receiving constructive feedback on animation projects.

These skills are designed to equip students with a comprehensive set of competencies that are applicable in various educational settings, enabling them to create effective and participative learning experiences through animation.
Предварителни изисквания:
Students are required to have the following skills:

• working English


• elementary computer skills.

Форми на провеждане:

Учебни форми:

Език, на който се води курса:

Теми, които се разглеждат в курса:

  1. Animation Design Principles: - Fundamental principles of animation design for educational purposes. - Storyboarding and scripting for educational animations.
  2. Developing Educational Animations: - Techniques for transforming curriculum content into animated narratives - Workshop on creating short educational animations.
  3. Animation and Curriculum Integration: - Strategies for integrating animations into existing curricula - Case studies on successful animation projects in education.

Литература по темите:

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