MHRE230 Проект: Здравословни и безопасни условия на труд


The proposed course includes individual preparation with applied practical working knowledge of Standards for health and safety at work as a key component of the social security system.The course consistently clarifies the practical aspect of the work health and safety at work, the nature and principles of the Law on Health and Safety Management System of work health and safety at work, methods for risk assessment and investigation of accidents with attention to the work environment factors responsible for health and safety at work.

The aim of the course is to provide knowledge in the field of providing healthy and safe working conditions, such as:

• reveal the basic principles, methods and approaches to ensure healthy and safe working conditions.

• give the basics of current legislation to retain its health and safety

• Provide approaches and models of management and organization of health and safety.

• give students practical knowledge and skills related to risk assessment work and investigation of accidents.

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Управление и развитие на човешките ресурси (на английски език)


доц. Димитър Панайотов  д-р
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Описание на курса:


After completing successfully this course the students will:

1) know:

• The legal and regulatory framework in the country in terms of safety and health at work.

• The role and functions of the General Labor Inspectorate, Ministry of Health, Institute.

• The role of specialists in health and safety and the role of the Occupational Health Service.

• The key elements the costs and benefits of the introduction of systems for management of health and safety at work.

• Work environment factors that affect the health and safety at work.

• The importance of good health and the need to implement preventive measures to protect the health and performance of employees.

• The risk assessment resulting consequences for the workplace and the measures needed to manage and control risk jobs.

• The requirements for:

• Consultation and communication with employees at all levels

• The procedure for identifying, investigating, recording and reporting of occupational accidents and diseases.

2) are capable of:

• Develop, organize, plan and implement policy on health and safety at work:

- In accordance with current regulations;

- In a way that is appropriate for the organization and understood by employees at all levels.

• To assess and review the progress of OSH under company policy and changes in the regulatory framework and to make recommendations for continuous improvement.

• To participate in occupational risk assessment and the development of accessible and effective system of control, reduce and prevent potential workplace hazards.

• Identify training requirements for health and safety at work and contribute to the organization and conduct of the training.

• To contribute to better individual and collective health through systems of health workers.

• To liaise between staff, officials and supervisory authorities responsible for the provision of safe and healthy working conditions.

• To participate in the investigation of accidents and incidents in the workplace and to make recommendations arising from the results.

• To advise employers and workers on issues related to health and safety at work.

• To implement preventive programs to minimize and eliminate the risk in the workplace.

Предварителни изисквания:
Students should have the following knowledge and/or skills:

• Basic knowledge in social management;

• Organizational theory;

• Management process and teamwork.

Форми на провеждане:

Учебни форми:

Език, на който се води курса:

Теми, които се разглеждат в курса:

  1. Approaches and strategies to ensure safety and health at work
  2. National OSH legislation
  3. Role and functions of the Health and Safety Bodies
  4. OSH management. Nature and Principles of Occupational Safety and Health Management - Protection System
  5. Building a Safety and Health at Work Management System (OSMSP). Key Elements, Cost and Benefit
  6. Company policy on safety and health at work
  7. Essence, Content and Management of Occupational Risk. Methods and techniques for risk assessment.
  8. Procedure for the establishment, investigation, recording and reporting of occupational accidents and diseases. Reasons for Incidents, Consequences and Results.

Литература по темите:

• Study book

• Health and Safety at Work Act

• ILO Methodological Guideline on Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems

• Regulations

• Bibliography in the study book

Средства за оценяване:

This project consists of 4 parts. The development of the first two parts will allow you to form the third part.

Please, before you start writing read the study material.

Topic of the assignment: "Company Policy Safety and Health at Work"

Part I

1.1. Perform an initial review of the work on safety and health in the organization in which you work (or optional). The result can provide as an annex.

1.2. Determine the policy objectives of the company and their priority ranking. Use them in the drafting of the Declaration on Safety and Health at Work. You can shape them in the application.

Part II

2.1. Develop a "Statement of company policy on safety and health at work."

2.2. Define the organization of health and safety at work. Shape into administration.

2.3. Formulate measures for safety and health in the organization. Shape them into use.

Part III

Use the information here to prepare a company document "Policy for the safety and health protection" in accordance with current regulations and in a manner understood by staff at all levels.

Part IV.

Briefly describe what you learned from this home assignment. This section aims to help reinforce learning. It is not included in the assessment and in the limit of words.

Please, before you write this assignment read the instructions 1 to 4:

1. For help in preparing this task you can use the school book and supporting materials referred to in these references.

2. There are several ways that you can handle the preparation and writing of the assignment. If you are working contact with the specialist responsible for the safety in your organization. If you do not work, you can think about the organization to which you had respect before. If you have trouble writing because it's not working, contact your course adviser to discuss your problem with him.

3. Work may not exceed 1500 words (for larger organizations), but should not exceed 10 pages.

4. Use creative knowledge and try to have the highest respect to the specifics of the organization - the subject of your work.