International Business and Development (in English)

Short presentation of the programme:

International Business and Development (in English)

Major and professional qualification:

Major: International Business and Development (in English)
Qualification: MA in International Business and Development

International mobility:

Students have the opportunity to carry out Erasmus+ student mobility at Universities in Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Latvia, Romania, Greece, Turkey, which have bilateral Erasmus agreements with NBU.

Graduate Student Competencies:

• understand in depth the content and instruments of national and foreign economic policy, to interpret the global status-quo, tendencies and perspectives of Bulgarian companies and the Bulgarian economy in general and to form and justify their own position on the directions for their improvement.

• critically evaluate the current situation, as well as the dynamics and trends in global economy to be able to take adequate and timely management decisions;

• use the most up-to-date methods for economic analysis and quantitative and qualitative assessment of the functioning of business organizations in a multicultural environment;

• generate innovative economic ideas and use interdisciplinary approaches and tools creatively to solve business cases in dynamically changing conditions;

• develop and implement problem-oriented strategic solutions to manage the economic activity of business agents in an international business context.

Occupation and possible positions:

Qualification: Master in International Business and Development

“International Business and Development” Masters’ Program graduates have an extremely diverse and wide range of career opportunities, meeting the specific requirements for senior and mid-level management positions in state and local administration, in companies with international activity, as well as in the non-governmental sector. They have the necessary qualifications to be employed in international economic, commercial and financial institutions, as well as in multinational companies and have the opportunity to work as experts in many areas of the world economy, as consultants and as entrepreneurs. The acquired knowledge and skills also meet the requirements for professional realization in EU institutions.

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