Speech and Language Pathology (in English)

Short presentation of the programme:


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Speech and Language Pathology (in English)

Graduate Student Competencies:


Graduates can work as speech and language therapists in laboratories, school speech

therapy offices, daycare centers, clinics, social services, and can perform scientific research.

Occupation and possible positions:

Competencies of Graduates:

Graduates will:

- Know etiologic mechanisms and clinical manifestations of developmental and acquired communication disorders;

- Have knowledge of diagnostic methods and differential diagnosis of communication disorders in children and adults participation;

- Know the emotional and behavioral characteristics associated with communication disorders in children and adults;

- Have therapeutic and communication skills;

- Be able to apply prevention;

- Be apply methods of therapy / rehabilitation of developmental and acquired disorders in children, adolescents and adults;

- Be apply methods of parent’s counseling.

Department :

Health Care and Social Work