Brand Management (in English)

Short presentation of the programme:

Brand Management (in English)

Major and professional qualification:

Major: Brand management
Qualification: MA in Brand Management

Practical training courses:

The program includes practices and training in international companies, organizations, and advertising agencies where the students could find job opportunities after graduation.

International mobility:

With the sector program Erasmus+, with bilateral agreements between NBU and foreign universities.

Graduate Student Competencies:

The graduated students:

- will have theoretical knowledge about the main principals of brand management, marketing and the related creative, research and management activities;

- will have practical skills to create and develop international brands;

- will be able to do a critical evaluation of the international market and will be well prepared on the matter of the intellectual property aspects of branding;

- will have knowledge about business communication in written and verbal form in English;

- will be able to analyze markets using the lifestyle and psychographic approaches and conceive appropriate communicative strategies to reach the audience.


Collection of specific number of credits; master thesis defense or state exam.

Occupation and possible positions:

The graduates of the MA in Brand Management are qualified to work as (junior) brand managers, marketing experts on different levels in multinational companies; brand and communication consultants; in marketing/brand research agencies; in advertising agencies; in NGOs and political formations which adopt marketing tools for promotion of their goals.

Department :


South-East European Center for Semiotic