Balkan And Eastern Mediterranean Archeology (In English)

Short presentation of the programme:

The online MA program takes four semesters and lasts two years.

You should come two times (in June in the first and in the second year) to Sofia for in person applied lab work courses. Before or after the lab courses in Sofia you should participate in four weeks of fieldwork offered in partnership with the Balkan Heritage Foundation ( The field school fees are included in the MA program fees (except for the Underwater archaeology field school). For details please refer to the Field & Labwork section. Participation in other projects (not organized by the Balkan Heritage Foundation and NBU) is possible after authorization by the Program Board.

Our online MA program presents a mix of specialized courses on the archaeology of Southeastern Europe, and the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as more generalized courses covering important topics in archaeological method and theory. Our aim is for students graduating from the program to be able to conduct archaeological research worldwide. Many of our courses prepare students for archaeological fieldwork, although others, such as Geographic Information Systems and Reflectance Transformation Imaging, are broadly applicable also to fields outside archaeology.

The online education form provides students with access to an international group of professors from Great Britain, the USA, Denmark and other countries, allowing program participants to engage with diverse perspectives and research traditions across continents.

Upon successful completion of the MA program, students will have the necessary qualifications for the following jobs: archaeologist, museum curator, cultural heritage manager, field archaeology manager, field archaeology technician.

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Balkan And Eastern Mediterranean Archeology (In English)

Major and professional qualification:

Major: Archaeology
Qualification: MA in archaeology

Practical training courses:

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