Политиката и обществото (на английски език)

Кратко представяне на програмата:

What is an individual? What is society? What is civilization? What is justice? Why do we have states and political parties? How can we thrive in the 21st century?

Politics and Society addresses these, and other connected issues, in a modern setting with up-to-date methods of interactive teaching with a pronounced practical bent. The first two years' study encompasses practical and general lecture courses in the fields of Politics, Society, Governance and International Relations, interlinking with disciplines such as sociology, social anthropology and economics. During the third and fourth years, the education process is organized around more narrowly profiled courses and practice-oriented educational forms.

The Program is conducted exclusively in English. Our key lecturers include both known scholars from the academic world, who have also lectured in Europe and the USA, and practitioners from the real world of politics such as former and present Prime Ministers, Ministers, party leaders, ambassadors, political advisors and military leaders.

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Политиката и обществото (на английски език)

Специалност и професионална квалификация:

Специалност: Политически науки на английски език
Квалификация: политолог


Practical training includes hands-on work in the field of politics, public policy-making and international relations, with temporary employment in regional and national-level government and non-government institutions - mayors' offices, municipalities, agencies, research centers, etc.

Международна мобилност:

The Program provides opportunities for international student mobility with Universities in Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Cyprus, Germany, Turkey and Poland.

Компетенции на завършилите програмата:

At the end of the educational process the students have acquired:

- The knowledge of the basic concepts and categories related to the understanding of politics and society; have a working knowledge of the main schools of thought in this field, as well as relevant skills, such as strategic analysis, team building, leadership, etc.

- The skills to implement the main approaches in the research of society, government and politics, the organization of political campaigns, production of political documents, strategies, programs and platforms.


Graduation from the Program takes place on the basis of a public defense of a Bachelor thesis or a State exam, following the accumulation of the required number of credits. The terms and conditions for the graduation procedures are according with the Standard for the graduation of the Bachelor and Master degrees at NBU.

Професия и възможни заемани длъжности:

Graduates of the Program have followed careers in: media and PR; political science; experts with international programs and projects; experts with international government and non-government institutions; foreign ministries; international organizations; government administration; political parties; NGOs; research centers and universities.

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Политически науки