Neuropsychology (Joint programme with University of York)

Short presentation of the programme:

The Master’s programme in Neuropsychology is a joint programme between the Cognitive Science and Psychology Department at NBU and the CITY College Europe Campus of University of York. It offers specialised, in-depth knowledge in the field of Neuropsychology, as well as an exceptional foundation of methodological and critical thinking skills.

The graduate programme in Neuropsychology focuses on the understanding of the neuronal basis of behaviour, acquiring a deeper knowledge and experience of clinical neuropsychology and advanced research skills. The programme focuses on cognitive deficits that follow brain damage in clinical populations, such as neurological patients (e.g., stroke and epilepsy), people with neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders, and children with neurodevelopmental conditions. The programmes will help prepare you for professional positions (e.g., as an assistant psychologist) or further education in Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (i.e., DPsych) or a PhD position.

The students may choose between two specialisations – an applied Clinical Neuropsychology and a more fundamental, research-oriented Cognitive Neuropsychology. The two specialisations follow the same lecture classes, however they differ in the practical and training modules. The Clinical Neuropsychology specialisation requires an extensive Practicum in clinical settings, while the Cognitive Neuropsychology specialisation requires conducting a research project that leads to a dissertation.

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Neuropsychology (Joint programme with University of York)


Candidates with BSc/BA degree can apply for this Master’s programme.

The candidates must have a proof of Proficiency in English (at least level C1)

The programme is suitable for candidates with degree in Psychology, Neuroscience, Healthcare, Biomedical and related fields.

The admission process includes a motivation letter, interview and one reference.

Admission: Ms Desislava Pencheva


Mr. Tihomir Tihomirov, coordinator of City college, office 118, building 1