PHEB603 Kant and the Critique of Pure Reason


The course offers an analysis of the project of a transcendental critique of Immanuel Kant as it is presented in his major work, The critique of pure reason, its structure, concepts, and arguments. The course traces the logic of Kant's argument, and the historical development and influence of his ideas up to the present day.

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Assoc. Prof. Hristo Gyoshev, PhD

Course Description:


After completing successfully this course the students will:

1) know:

The main concepts, structure, and arguments of Kant's major and most influential work, The Critique of Pure reason, its impact on the immediate and later philosophical debates on knowledge and science, and its influence on key contemporary philosophical conceptions.

2) are capable of:

Recognizing the conceptual apparatus and the theoretical arguments of Kant's method as well as other analytical approaches relying on, or similar to, Kant's method of transcendental analysis and critical thinking.

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Language of teaching:


  1. The modern epistemological project
  2. Rationalism, empiricism, and scepticism
  3. Kant's response to the modern problems of knowledge in his pre-critical philosophy
  4. Kant's project of a transcendental critique
  5. The transcendental aesthetics
  6. The analytic of concepts
  7. The analytic of principles
  8. The problem of causality
  9. The paralogisms of reason
  10. Midterm exam
  11. The antinomies of reason
  12. Science and metaphysics after the critique
  13. The place of the theoretical critique in Kant's broader philosophical project
  14. The advance of Kant's theoretical critique in the consequent tradition of German Idealism
  15. The legacy of the theoretical critique I: Phenomenology and Existentialism


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