POLS219 Political Systems of Great Britain and the USA



The course introduces the students to the historical development, the present state and the problems of the political systems of Great Britain and the United States. These systems emerged and evolved under specific historical conditions and were unique in many respects. They have become, however, models of representative government and mass democracy, and have exerted forming influences on subsequent modern democracies. It is true especially of the first mass democracy, that of the United States, which at the same time stood on the basis of British model, and was consciously repulsed from it, but also of the other constitutional democracies. Knowing the characteristics and functioning of the British and American political systems will enable the students to understand adequately the mechanisms of modern democracy.

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Politics and Society (in English)


Prof. Rumen Genov, PhD

Course Description:



After completing successfully this course the students will:

1) know: the modern political systems and their functioning.

2) be capable of: comparative analysis of the political structures and processes.


Students should have the following knowledge and/or skills:

Certain familiarity with principal terms and political theories is desirable but not obligatory; motivation, intellectual curiosity and willingness to understand and analyze the basic models of representative government and modern democracy are of primary importance.

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