PSYE319 Clinical Psychology, Part 1


Internships develop students' skills for professional integration in a multidisciplinary team and are conducted in various settings such as psychiatric and somatic clinics for children and adults, addiction therapy centers, specialized institutions for people with disabilities (children and adults), kindergartens, schools and various business organizations and educational institutions. The goal of the practice is to introduce the main methods of psychological work in clinical, organizational or educational context. Students are expected to work under the supervision of mentors from the respective institution. Students’ work during the internship is assessed by their mentors in the particular organization and the assessments are completed in a special letterhead/form.

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Psychology (in English)


Asst. Prof. Svetoslav Savov, PhD
Asst. Prof. Elena Psederska, PhD

Course Description:


1) know

- the basics of psychological work in clinical, educational or organizational context

- methods of psychodiagnostics applied in clinical, educational or organizational context

2) can:

- use different psychological methods under supervision

Full-time Programmes

Types of Courses:

Language of teaching:


  1. Observation of the work of the psychologist in the respective institution
  2. Working on tasks proposed by the internship supervisor
  3. Participation in team case discussions


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