POLS021 English for Political Science


This course has been designed to build up knowledge acquired in POLS 012 and is aimed at Students in Political Science in English at NBU. The students must have level of C1 and above to enroll in this course. The unit topics are related to the subjects of the programme. Students also deal with grammar and syntax in context at Proficiency level of English. They also build up skills in academic writing and speaking and learn how to deal with longer academic inputs.

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Politics and Society (in English)


Rositca Christova

Course Description:


Upon completion of the course students are expected to have developed the following competences:

-acquired knowledge of specific vocabulary, e.g in Politics, Law, IR, Social sciences

-approaching academic writing as required

-delivering academic oral inputs
Level of English- C1 and above

Full-time Programmes

Types of Courses:

Language of teaching:


  1. Unit5: Political Identity, Socialisation and Culture
  2. Unit5: Political Identity, Socialisation and Culture
  3. Unit6: Political Parties
  4. Unit6: Political Parties
  5. Unit6: Political Parties
  6. Unit7: Conceptions of Justice
  7. Unit7: Conceptions of Justice
  8. Unit8: The New World Order
  9. Unit8: The New World Order
  10. Unit 9: EU Politics
  11. Unit 9: EU Politics
  12. Unit 10: EU Institutions
  13. Unit 10: EU Institutions
  14. Mid-term and Final Test
  15. Writing: different types of academic essays
  16. Presentations
  17. Workshops


Engish for Political Science, Hristova.R,NBU,Units 5-10