Short presentation of the programme:

What does it mean to be well-trained philosopher today? With regard to its subjects and methods philosophy is highly varied. That is why the answer to the question about the good training in philosophy depends on our understanding of philosophy. The times when philosophy was a universal theory of reality or theory of the “first principles” both of reality and knowledge about reality lay in the past. Nowadays its task is rather to clarify the concepts that we use, acquiring knowledge about the world and giving the landmarks of our actions, testing new approaches and methods of knowledge, to examine critically the established stereotypes of knowledge and action and the related institutions. Doing all these philosophy is able to help people to think independently and make decisions responsibly. The BA program in philosophy offers a combination of courses of the following three types: 1) courses representing major periods, personalities and schools of thought in history of philosophy (Plato, Aristotle, Hume, Kant, Wittgenstein, Enlightenment, phenomenology, pragmatism etc.), 2) introductions to major disciplines of philosophy (epistemology, ethics, logic, aesthetics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science etc.), 3) courses on important topics in contemporary science, art, politics and society (moral problems in medicine, free will, populism, publicity and media, moral dilemmas etc.)

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  • Prof. Kolyo Koev, DSc PHEB303 Practical Logic PHEB408 Phenomenology and Hermeneutics PHEB703 Utilitarianism and Rational Choice Theory PHEB704 Globalization PHEB804 Karl Marx
  • Prof. Alexander Kanev, PhD PHEB806 Ludwig Wittgenstein
  • Prof. Dimitar Vatsov, PhD PHEB104 Political Philosophy PHEB404 Pragmatism PHEB506 Friedrich Nietzsche PHEB521 Philosophical research Projects, Part 1 PHEB605 Ordinary Language Philosophy PHEB621 Philosophical research Projects, Part 2 PHEB723 Teaching Philosophy
  • Prof. Lidia Denkova, PhD PHEB103 Aesthetics PHEB505 Existentialism PHEB525 Philosophical Cafe (European dialogues), Part 1 PHEB625 Philosophical Cafe (European dialogues), Part 2 PHEB708 Virtue ethics
  • Prof. Lilia Gurova, PhD PHEB306 Philosophy of Science PHEB502 Philosophy and Cognitive Science
  • Prof. Martin Kanoushev, PhD PHEB202 Philosophy and Social Sciences PHEB405 Modern Society PHEB604 Sovereignty and Human Rights
  • Prof. Hristo Todorov, PhD PHEB201 Ethics PHEB204 Understanding Texts PHEB305 Origins and Foundations of the Modern Democracy PHEB307 Philosophical Anthropology PHEB401 Contemporary Moral Philosophy PHEB503 Free Will PHEB508 The Public Sphere PHEB524 Seminar: Reading and writing skills in Philosophy, Part 1 PHEB601 State and Constitutionalism PHEB606 Justice PHEB608 Moral Problems in Medicine PHEB624 Seminar: Reading and writing skills in Philosophy, Part 2 PHEB702 Philosophy of Film PHEB722 Ad hoc course, Part 3 PHEB805 Heidegger PHEB822 Ad hoc course, Part 4
  • Assoc. Prof. Boyan Manchev, PhD PHEB407 Descartes and Spinoza PHEB607 Critical Theory PHEB803 Contemporary Art and Critical Philosophy
  • Asst. Prof. Teodora Karamelska, PhD PHEB202 Philosophy and Social Sciences PHEB701 Religion and Politics PHEB704 Globalization
  • Assoc. Prof. Hristo Gyoshev, PhD PHEB102 Epistemology PHEB301 Philosophy of Religion PHEB303 Practical Logic PHEB304 Analytical Philosophy PHEB402 Philosophy of Skepticism PHEB408 Phenomenology and Hermeneutics PHEB507 Social contract theories PHEB521 Philosophical research Projects, Part 1 PHEB603 Kant and the Critique of Pure Reason PHEB621 Philosophical research Projects, Part 2 PHEB703 Utilitarianism and Rational Choice Theory PHEB705 Theories of truth PHEB707 Kant's practical philosophy PHEB723 Teaching Philosophy PHEB724 Project: Preparing Scientific Articles, Part 1 PHEB802 Hegel’s Practical Philosophy PHEB804 Karl Marx PHEB806 Ludwig Wittgenstein PHEB824 Project: Preparing Scientific Articles, Part 2
  • Assoc. Prof. Iassen Zahariev, PhD PHEB101 Introduction to Philosophy PHEB105 The Philosophy of Socrates and Plato PHEB308 Philosophy of Law PHEB403 Philosophy of Mind PHEB501 Locke and Hume PHEB504 Enlightenment PHEB602 Contemporary Bulgarian Philosophy PHEB706 Publicity and media PHEB801 Philosophy of Art PHEB823 Internship: Research in archives and databases
  • Asst. Prof. Anna Beshkova, PhD PHEB205 Logic PHEB304 Analytical Philosophy
  • Assist. Prof. Rossitza Guencheva, Ph.D. PHEB406 Gender and Sexuality
  • Asst. Prof. Serguey Stefanov, PhD PHEB203 Aristotle PHEB302 Medieval Philosophy PHEB307 Philosophical Anthropology