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д-р Владимир Алексиев

д-р Владимир Алексиев
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Vladimir Alexiev has a PhD in computing science from University of Alberta, MS in computer science from Technical University of Sofia, PMP certification, Project Risk and Quality Management diploma. He has 30 years of IT experience, of which 20 years of IT PM experience and 10 years semantic technologies experience. He is one of the founders of Sirma Group Holding, the largest Bulgarian IT group, and the parent company of Sirma.AI (Ontotext). He joined Ontotext in 2010 and is currently Chief Data Architect of Ontotext. Previously he was Chief Technology Officer of WorkLogic (Canada), Sirma Solutions (Sofia), Sirma Enterprise (Ruse).

His experience includes ontology engineering, metadata standards, vocabularies and thesauri, RDF, RDFS, OWL2, RDF Shapes, SHACL, SKOS, SPARQL, LOD, mapping, R2RML, ETL, semantic web applications, project management, business analysis and requirements specifications. He has worked in various business domains, e.g. Customs and Excise, Personal Finance workflows, Legal Procedures and Statistics, Cultural Heritage and Digital Humanities, Company data (Trade Registers, Mergers and Acquisitions, Startups), commodity trading info (incl. Oil & Gas and Energy), Science data (researchers, organizations, projects, programs, publications, impacts), Health Records (FHIR), etc.



Book (author), thesis, conference proceedings (editor): 3

Tech reports, manuals, deliverables, ontologies: 32

Conference papers, journal articles: 29

Presentations, posters, blog posts: 25

TOTAL: 101


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