Applied Foreign Languages for Administration and Management (in English and a second foreign language)

Short presentation of the programme:

The training in the programme during the first two years covers general education courses and training in key areas such as: Introduction to language structure, EU Languages, Presentations and negotiations, Professional correspondence, as well as practical courses such as Text Analysis and Comprehension, Written and Oral Communication, Listening and Speaking, Practical language courses, etc. In the third and fourth year the training covers specialised and training courses.

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Applied Foreign Languages for Administration and Management (in English and a second foreign language)

Major and professional qualification:

Major: Приложни чужди езици за администрация и управление (на английски и втори чужд език)
Qualification: филолог, преводач с английски и [съответен чужд] език

Practical training courses:

The training in the programme comprises practical training courses and internships, namely creating and processing bilingual parallel corpora of specialised texts; internships in administrative institutions and translation agencies.

International mobility:

The programme provides an opportunity for international student mobility at universities in the UK, France, Russia, Spain, etc.

Graduate Student Competencies:

The students gain knowledge as specialists in two foreign languages, get familiar with the structures of the languages they master, the linguistic map of Europe, EU language and terminology resources, European institutions, law, economics, management, economic geography and EU culture, and develop practical skills in the areas of translation, editing, referencing, analysis and synthesis of documents to apply them in several subject areas such as European economy and administration, law, human resources, etc.


After earning the required number of credits and passing a Written State Exam (in English and a second foreign language) and an Oral State Exam/ bachelor's thesis defense.

Occupation and possible positions:

The graduates of the program work as specialists in European structures: translators, referents, consultants in intercultural relations, etc.

Department :

Research Center for Computational and Applied Linguistics