Бизнес икономика (съвместна програма с университета в Йорк)

Кратко представяне на програмата:

The program is based on the latest trends in the world of economics and business and aims to provide extensive training for future staff in the field of management, marketing, finance and tourism.

Within the first three years of study, students receive extensive theoretical and practical training, knowledge and skills. They are aimed both at learning the general economic theory and logic and towards analyzing the contemporary business development trends in the context of digitalization, IT development and dynamic change of relationships and expectations of economic entities. During this part of the training, students get acquainted with the basics of economics, finance, management, marketing. This training allows specialized knowledge and skills deepening within the four proposed specializations: "Management", "Marketing", "Finance and Accounting", "Hospitality". The specializations run through the third year of study and are held in Thessaloniki, University of York Europe Campus, CITY College.

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Бизнес икономика (съвместна програма с университета в Йорк)