Networking Technologies

Short presentation of the programme:

The first two years training program covers general education courses; lecture courses: Programming (C ++), Computer Systems, Object Oriented Programming (C ++), Introduction to Networks, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Local and Global networks, Databases and SQL, etc.; extracurricular forms of training: Project on Programming, Databases, Algorithms in Graphs, independent course works. During the third and fourth year education is organized in specialized courses in the program and extracurricular forms of training, including practices and internships. From the third year the program offers two modules that lead to professional qualifications. Students will be able to specialise in Network administration or Network programming.

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Networking Technologies

Major and professional qualification:

Module: Network Administration
Major: Networking technologies (in English)
Qualification: Informatics specialist

Module: Network Programming
Major: Networking technologies (in English)
Qualification: Informatics specialist

Practical training courses:

Practical training includes work at the HP laboratory, the Informatics laboratory of NBU, as well as practices and internships in software producing companies and IT departments.

International mobility:

The program provides an opportunity for international student mobility to universities in Austria, France, Turkey, Germany and Lithuania.

Graduate Student Competencies:

- Knowledge of designing computer networks, information systems and databases;

- Ability to manage, install, test and administer local and global networks, to design and develop software applications, to program Internet applications.


The educational undergraduate degree is completed with a bachelor thesis or state examination upon obtaining the necessary number of credits.

Besides the professional qualifications, provided by the program, students can receive additional specialization by enrolling for a Minor-program - second specialty. The conditions for graduation are set out in the "Standards for completion of educational and qualification degree."

Occupation and possible positions:

Graduates of the program are: specialist in information and communication technologies; system administrators, network administrators, specialists in computer networks, software developers, project and database administrators, application programmers.

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