PSYE310 Theoretical Supervised Research


The aim of the course is to teach students how to make a literature review on a chosen research topic and to write a state-of-the-art report. The course prepares the students for writing the theoretical part of their bachelor thesis. The students can choose a topic from any of the following areas of psychology: personality psychology, cognitive science, social psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, organizational psychology.

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Psychology (in English)


Prof. Lilia Gurova, PhD

Course Description:


On completion of the course students

1) should know

• what kind of information a good literature review should provide;

• how to structure the collected relevant information;

• how to use the literature review for generating and justifying research questions.

2) should be capable

• to do efficiently a literature search on a given topic;

• to write a state-of-the-art-report;

• to formulate questions which have not been answered by the current research on the topic of their study.

The students should have successfully passed the exam of the course which corresponds to the area of their research topic.

Full-time Programmes

Types of Courses:
Individual Assignment

Language of teaching:


  1. How to do library search.
  2. How to make an annotated bibliography.
  3. From an annotated bibliography to a literature review.


Cone, J., Foster, Sh. (2006). Dissertations and Theses: From Start to Finish. American Psychological Association.


- a written assignment (annotated bibliography) (40%)

- a written assignment (literature review) (40%)

- discussion (20%)