POLS012 English for Political Science


The course has been designed for students in Political Science in English at New Bulgarian University. The syllabus covers the skills needed for English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses. The materials are developed to practise dealing with political contents, IR, EU politics, etc. The students build up their receptive and productive skills in English, vocabulary for politics, academic writing and speaking. The course consists of 120 academic hours and is divided into 5 units, each of which contains reading, listening, vocabulary and writing sections. The materials are developed and adapted from authentic texts. Grammar is discussed in context.

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Politics and Society (in English)


Rositca Christova

Course Description:


Students develop competencies in academic English, and learn how to deal with specific vocabulary and input. Focus is placed upon different types of academic writing, such as essays, reports, abstracts, papers, etc. Furthermore they practise speaking in public and giving presentations. The course also emphasises on building up skills related to critical thinking and critical approaches to a text. At the end of the course students will be able to express themselves, both orally and in writing and feel more confident and familiar with the contents covered in their studies.
Students must have B2 level of English and above to enroll in this course.

Full-time Programmes

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  1. Unit 1: Beginning theories
  2. Unit2: What is politics?
  3. Unit2: What is politics?
  4. Unit 3: The State
  5. Unit 3: The State
  6. Speaking in public
  7. Speaking in public
  8. Speaking in public
  9. Unit 4:Conceptions of Power
  10. Unit 4:Conceptions of Power
  11. Unit5: Political Identity, Socialisation and Culture
  12. Unit5: Political Identity, Socialisation and Culture
  13. Academic writing-an essay, abstract, report
  14. Mid-term test, final test
  15. Speaking and discussion practice


English For Political Science, Units 1-5