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Доктор по културология Дисертация: “Културната политика на Европейския съюз и културните аспекти в другите политики”)- Висша атестационна комисия – Специализиран съвет по социология, антропология и науки за културатa, 2007 Магистър по европейска интеграция - НБУ/Център за европейски изследвания, 2000

НБУ/ Магистърски факултет,1997 Следдипломна квалификация по артмениджмънт и културна политика – “ Културни модели в Европа, маркетинг и мениджмънт в изкуствата”

Магистър по изкуствата - ВИТИЗ "Кр. САРАФОВ", 1985-1990

Професионален опит

1997-2012, New Bulgarian University, Central University Administration, International Relations Office - Director - Responsible for the University International Policy (internationalisation, international recruiting, double degrees, etc.); managing NBU projects funded by EU programs LifeLong Learning Programme, Leonardo, Youth, etc. (areas – capacity building, introduction of new curricular, HE reform, European Credit Transfer System, etc.); University International Contacts (bilateral agreements, visits, events, etc.); Institutional Erasmus Coordinator (Erasmus agreements, students’ and teachers’ mobility), European Credit Transfer System.

2009 - 2013, NBU (for the European Research Council Project)- Appointed manager of the project “Entangled Balkans” (1 560 000 euro) - exploring the various ways in which the cultures and histories of the Balkan countries were shared, connected and entangled, and in some respects became structurally inter-dependent in the course of the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries. Funded by 7FP - “Ideas” programme, European Research Council

2009 - 2011, European Commission, Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)- Evaluation Expert - Evaluation and selection of international projects for multilateral cooperation between member states and third countries in education. (Erasmus Mundus- Erasmus Cooperation Window and Promotion of European higher education projects

January – November 2008, For the Anti-Corruption Commission, Council of Ministers) Planet Bulgaria AD - Short Term Senior Expert - Consulting; EU programs and projects - Develop and conduct Anticorruption education in Secondary Schools and Universities (need analysis, new curricular development, drafting a textbook and manual, etc.) for the project “Strengthening the Capacity of the Anti-Corruption Commission to Counteract Corruption in Public Administration and Judiciary, Phase II”-EuropeAid/123343/D/SER/BG”

2007 and 2008, Theatre Association Tsvete - Project Manager - Designing and managing 2 one-year projects funded by the Central-Eastern European Trust: “Youth Arts Clubs Network” – Phase I and Phase II - Emphasizing on the social role of arts and culture aiming at encouraging young people participation and contribution for developing a healthy civil society.

2007, AGRECO-GEIE, Brussels, Belgium - Short Term Senior Expert - Review of secondary procurement tender evaluation reports under grant contract; provide comments and recommendations on the evaluation report to the PHARE Implementing Agency, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works

2002 - 2007, Тaurus Consultants - Trainer, Consultant - Capacity building for representatives of state administration and NGO’s – training on Structural Funds and BG Operation Programs; History and development of European Integration; Consulting on HR development and regional development projects

2002- 2003, (for the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy) Balkan Institute for Labour and Social Policy - Senior Expert (Technical Assistance Team)- PHARE project “Social Inclusion”: Developing and training of local public administration (District Administration and National Employment Agency) on Pre-Accession Funds, PRAG, Logical Framework, Guidelines (training of trainers).

2001-2002, (for the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy) ECOTEC/AMU and Balkan Institute for Labour and Social Policy - Senior Expert (Technical Assistance Team)- PHARE project “Vocational Training” (BG0004.03): Preparation of the Guidelines, training of Local coordinators, evaluators and the target groups on PCM, Logical Framework, PRAG. Presenting good practices in modern administrative procedures including transparency and anti-corruption

1993 to date, "Concepts-Bulgaria" Cultural Foundation - NGO in the area of culture, arts and education - Co- founder and Managing Director.

1992-1993, "Sirius-Orpheus" Arts Group - Co-founder; member of the Steering Committee - Designing a strategy for development of the arts for children and youth through non-governmental organizations; Manager of the international youth festival for arts - “Burborak”, Smolian;


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