Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations (Joint programme with The University of Sheffield)

Short presentation of the programme:

The MA in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations has been designed to provide students with an integrative and strategic view of marketing. The primary aim of the programme is to develop effective marketing, brand, advertising and public relations specialists, equipped with knowledge and understanding of various marketing communications subjects, including a range of technical, human, and conceptual skills that will enhance their future careers in these fields.

The core values that underpin this programme and differentiate it from traditional graduate marketing programmes are an integrative stance, consideration of the new marketing realities and the creation of competence in a balanced mix of marketing skills at an advanced level. It is addressed but not limited to students who recently acquired their bachelor's degree in a wide range of either theoretical or quantitative fields.

• Degree from one of the world’s top 100 universities, the University of Sheffield.

• Opportunities for placements and internships, in companies and organizations within the sector of banking and finance, assisting students to embark their career while studying.

• Use of on-line trading simulators helping students to put theory into practice.

• Students are exposed to different types of financial assets, markets and institutions and appreciate various schools of analysis.

• Expert teaching team, comprised of seasoned academics and industry experts with experience in banking and finance.

• Graduates may pursue careers in corporate finance, financial planning, investment banking, investment consulting, private banking and many more.

• Specialised programme of studies focusing on latest theory and practical applications of the finance industry.

• A pathway to a successful career in Europe and abroad.

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Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations (Joint programme with The University of Sheffield)

Practical training courses:

Възможности за позиции и стажове в маркетингови агенции и/или вътрешни маркетингови отдели. Подпомагане студентите да започнат кариерата си по време на обучението си.

Graduate Student Competencies:

Завършилите студенти имат компетенции в областта на: стратегическия маркетинг; маркетинг в електронния бизнес; изследователски методи в бизнеса; стратегии за връзки в обществеността; стратегически бранд мениджмънт и други.


Завършването на обучение в магистърска програма става със защита на магистърска теза, след покриване на изискванията на програмната схема.

Occupation and possible positions:

Завършилите магистърската програма могат да развиват кариера в:

Управление на маркетинга, бранд мениджмънт, разработване на продукти, авторски права, връзки с медиите, управление на връзките с обществеността, проучване на пазара, търговия на дребно, продажби.

Department :