Politics and Society (in English)

Short presentation of the programme:

Politics and Society (in English)


Requirements for prospective students:

- High school graduates present their diplomas, take a general education test, and sit a specialised exam.

- Graduates of other higher education institutions present their diplomas, take a specialised exam, and get an accreditation of the training received according to NBU standards and procedures. They are exempted from the general education test.

Admission is based on:

- average grade of all matriculation exams - 10%

- general education test score - 50%

- specialised exam score - 40%

Prospective students with an average matriculation grade excellent (5.50 - 6.00) receive 10 points in addition to their general education test score.

All prospective students receive 5 points in addition to their general education test score for their first-choice programme.

The specialised exam consists of an oral English as a Foreign Language (EFL) exam comprised of two components:

1. EFL communicative competence assessment (a conversation) and performance assessment (retelling a text read in advance)

2. A diagnostic test assessing the level of fluency in EFL

Holders of internationally recognised certificates at B2 level according to CEFR are exempted from the exam.