Business Studies

Short presentation of the programme:

Management is both science and art. This subject can be taught but it is also self-taught. The BA in Business Studies (Management) has been planned to familiarise the students with this philosophy. The central belief is that management is at the heart of all activities in business. In a sense it is identical to business. That is why the course covers the most important areas of today’s business’s world including:

Management theory and practice, Starting from introductory theories of basic organization and decision making through to the most modern and complex methods of operational change and innovative forms of business, such as “virtual business”.

Computer science has a decisive effect on the management of contemporary businesses, and is taught at all levels as applied informatics.

No business can function without accounting and financial management. Within this framework, the programme teaches the importance of evaluating accounting tables and documents for the preparation of a business to ensure its survival and triumph in the future, achieving real and controlled profits.

Also of great importance is the human factor, without which no actual operation can be conducted.

The programme also includes marketing, which aims at real communication with the environment both inside and outside the corporation. Marketing and Management are of equal importance in achieving corporation goals.

The programme is completed with some complementary subjects such as the European business environment, business strategy, entrepreneurship and small businesses and banking.

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Business Studies
  • SHEB601 Financial Management SHEB605 Financial Institutions & Markets
  • BUTB701 Quality management systems in hotel and hospitality
  • SHEB103 Principles of Microeconomics SHEB203 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Assoc. prof. Angel Georgiev, PhD BABB646 Entrepreneurship and Business BABB704 Management of the Innovation Process BATB704 Enterprise in Tourism SHEB404 Economics of the Public Sector
  • Assist. Prof. Denitza Topchiyska, PhD SHEB303 Introduction to Law
  • BAMB507 Information Systems in Marketing
  • Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Atanasov, PhD SHEB104 Quantitative Methods for Business and Finance
  • Assoc. prof. Elmira Bancheva, Ph.D BUBB619 Human Capital Management SHEB504 Organisational Behaviour SHEB507 Project on Organizational Behaviour
  • BAMB537 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) SHEB501 Marketing Management Strategies
  • Assoc. prof. Kiril Radev, PhD BABB700 Strategic Management BUBB803 Quality Management Systems
  • Assoc. Prof. Kristian Hadjiev, PhD BABB843 Project Management SHEB101 Principles of Management SHEB201 Principles of Management
  • SHEB205 Information Technology for Management
  • BUBB801 Entrepreneurship in e-business
  • BABB700 Strategic Management
  • BAEB110 Marketing Environment BAMB644 Retail management BAMB701 Services Marketing BAMB802 Sales Management SHEB302 Introduction to Marketing SHEB401 Principles of marketing SHEB604 Consumer Behavior
  • BUBB801 Entrepreneurship in e-business
  • Assoc. prof. Reneta Dimitrova, PhD BAFB854 Trade banking BATB660 Financing a Tourist Company
  • BAMB522 Integrated Marketing Communications SHEB305 Business communication
  • BAAB704 Budget Accountancy BAAB805 Accounting for foreign trade transactions
  • Prof. Stefan Stefanov, PhD. BAEB012 International Economy SHEB202 European Union
  • Assis. prof. Aleksander Pojarliev, PhD SHEB204 Leadership in action SHEB403 Development of practical skills
  • Chief Assist. Prof. Valentina Ivanova, PhD SHEB105 Computing Skills for Business
  • SHEB201 Principles of Management
  • Assistant prof. Dimitar Trendafilov PhD BAMB644 Retail management BAMB746 Logistics and Supply Chain Management SHEB302 Introduction to Marketing SHEB401 Principles of marketing SHEB604 Consumer Behavior
  • SHEB103 Principles of Microeconomics
  • SHEB601 Financial Management
  • SHEB606 Principles of Commercial Law
  • SHEB202 European Union SHEB203 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Asst. Prof. Kiril Avramov, PhD. SHEB101 Principles of Management
  • BATB704 Enterprise in Tourism BUBB619 Human Capital Management
  • SHEB605 Financial Institutions & Markets SHEB608 Project on Financial Markets & Institutions
  • BAFB624 Financial Audit
  • BAFB766 Financial Accounting and Analysis with International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Assistant prof. Stefaniya Temelkova, PhD., BAMB522 Integrated Marketing Communications SHEB305 Business communication SHEB603 Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethics
  • BUTB710 Food and beverage in hotel and hospitality BUTB713 Accommodation management
  • SHEB505 Decision Making with Information Technology
  • Juliana Hadjichoneva, PhD BABB646 Entrepreneurship and Business BABB704 Management of the Innovation Process BABB843 Project Management
  • SHEB405 Principles of Business Statistics
  • Assistant Georgi Tsonev SHEB102 Academic & Transferable Skills
  • SHEB104 Quantitative Methods for Business and Finance
  • BAAB704 Budget Accountancy
  • BAFB500 Financial Accountancy
  • SHEB301 Introduction to Accounting SHEB304 Online business observation SHEB402 Principles of Accounting SHEB502 Management Accounting SHEB503 Sustainable Development and the Greening of Business SHEB506 Practicum SHEB602 Operations Management SHEB607 Practicum SHEB701 Developing and Managing Corporate Identity SHEB702 Managing in the Digital Era SHEB703 Managing with Information Technology SHEB704 Introduction to Econometrics SHEB705 Green Marketing SHEB706 Internship: Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • BUTB810 Sales management in hotel and hospitality
  • BAMB701 Services Marketing