SDEB023 Социалните медии в ИТ услугите (Social Media in IT Service Environment)



The course will discuss how cultural and religious differences - which remain hidden at first - become powerful communication tools to succeed in a multinational company and how they have to be attuned within Sales Departments and Contact Centers.

Intercultural background knowledge is to be introduced, trained and fine-tuned as a sensitive awareness in IT services. During lectures and course discussions students will be involved in the calibration of ‘background intercultural procedures’ within close-to-real business conversations with business clients and partners. The target here is how to facilitate “the long journey” of Customer Care.

During practice-oriented consultations (online and face-to-face) the lecturers communicate with course participants using:

? Email and Messenger (Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp and WeChat)

? Video Conferencing Tools (Google+ Hangout, Skype, Facebook, Zoom)

? Moodle (as a virtual blackboard)

? Google Docs (to synchronize working sheets and case analyses).

? Dropbox and Google Drive (online platforms to share files < 2 GB).

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Инженеринг на цифрови услуги (на английски език)


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Описание на курса:



Successfully graduated students:

1) know how to:

? Persuade real and potential clients in typical situations;

? Synchronize sensitively social channels using the power within Omni-Channel communication, enhancing Social Media.

? Respond adequately in a globally distributed environment;

? Select and synchronize appropriately social channels with audio and text messages on the, especially during the first seconds when a client meets CSR.

2) can:

? Assume various roles which acquire a confident performance bringing solutions in difficult professional situations

? Design a suitable working style with a customer in English, German or French on-demand;

? Create a well-balanced presence within close-to-real practical cases (interacting with Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France).
Предварителни изисквания:

Students have to bring along the following skills:

? Working English

? Elementary computer skills

Форми на провеждане:

Учебни форми:

Език, на който се води курса:

Теми, които се разглеждат в курса:


№ Title of lecture

1. GET BOLD! with Social Media – “fresh air” to influence business interaction

2. Social Media – a Tool Kit in a globally distributed environment

3. Social Media selection for a Global Innovation Center ambience

4. GOING VIRAL on the Social Business Netscape – a completely new model of Service Interaction

5. FACEBOOK – THE VISIBLE EXPERT – a new Strategy for an old Tradition to interact in Service

6. FACEBOOK – an EMERGING SOCIAL TECHNOLOGY to communicate in a globally distributed business (since 2012)

7. TWITTER – the new PR Agent of a global corporation

8. LINKEDIN – an Online CV or a “Professional Club”

9. WECHAT – a Social Highway for business in Southeast Asia

10. SNAPCHAT – the new “Facebook messenger” detecting business emotions in real time following the Viola-Jones algorithm

11. WHATSAPP – the next VIBER or the new SKYPE using encrypted B2B communication

12. Switching between Social Media (FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, VIBER, SKYPE, WHATSAPP, WECHAT, SNAPCHAT etc.) – THE NEW NORMAL to get relevant access approaching a potential or an old client

13. Synchronization of Social Channels – mastering a therapeutic solution with aggressive clients

14. Social Channels – platforms for technical issues or Fine Tuning technology for a long customer journey (required skills: interactive competence, the art to respond, positive statement standards - paraphrase)

15. The so-called FACEBOOK TECHNOLOGY – a new approach to “extract” issues and bring solutions

Литература по темите:


? CARTER, SANDY: Get Bold. Using Social Media to Create a New Type of Social Business, IBM Press 2012.

? FREDERIEKSEN, LEE et al.: The Visible Expert, Hinge Research Institute 2014.

? LUDWIG, HEIKO: Modeling of Customers’ Interactive Control of Service Processes, in: ROSSI, MATTI / SIAU, KENG eds.: Information Modeling in the New Millennium, Hershey, PA 2001, p. 406-426.

? NAHON, KARINE / HEMSLEY, JEFF: Going Viral, Cambridge 2013.

? OZUEM, WILSON / BOWEN, GORDON: Competitive Social Media Marketing Strategies, IGI Global 2016.