SDEB002 Ключови умения в сферата на услугите (The Toolbox of Soft Skills in Service)



The course introduces a number of practice-oriented skills as a set of tools within typical communicative situations of a globally distributed environment. It focuses on the “secrets” of CSR (Customer Service Representative) behavior, e.g. practicing a shorthand response to various types of customer profiles which builds a ‘shared space’ in the long run. Participants are expected to acquire the soft skills to interact appropriately with German and French speaking customer demands mostly on the phone, life chat or other web based channels in Global Operation Centers (such as IBM, HP, Atos/Unify/ex-Siemens, Ingram Micro etc.).

Lectures will be delivered as associatively guided discussions on typical communicative situations in Service Centers, extracted from the experience of Dr. Ludmil Duridanov as a Lecturer at German Universities (Freiburg, Jena, Erfurt, Leipzig) and Consultant and Area Manager of the German Postbank RE Division Jena /former BHW Immobilien GmbH/ (2004-2009).

During the lectures the disclosed secrets of effective communication will show how easy it is to connect to German and French speaking customers in English and to obtain a sustainable contact on the basis of short e-mails and life chat scenarios.

During practice-oriented consultations (online and face-to-face) the lecturer communicates with the course participants using:

- Email, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook (consulting participants at any time)

- Moodle (as a virtual blackboard)

- Google Docs (consulting participants to elaborate and synchronize working sheets and case analyses).

- Dropbox and Google Drive (online platforms to share files < 2 GB).

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Инженеринг на цифрови услуги (на английски език)


 Людмил Дуриданов  д-р

Описание на курса:



Successfully graduated students:

1) know how to:

- Persuade partners and clients in typical situations;

- Synchronize socially and psychologically sensitive channels using the power of body language within Omni-Channel communication,

- Respond adequately in a globally distributed environment;

- Select and synchronize appropriate nonverbal channels with verbal messages as a sustainable image, especially during the first seconds of a conversation.

2) can:

- Assume various roles which acquire a confident performance bringing solutions in difficult professional situations

- Design a suitable working style with a customer in English within a German and French speaking environment

- Create a well-balanced presence within close-to-real cases (interacting with Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France).
Предварителни изисквания:

Students have to bring along the following skills:

- Working English

- Elementary computer skills

Форми на провеждане:

Учебни форми:

Език, на който се води курса:

Теми, които се разглеждат в курса:



1 Practical introduction of Soft Skills and Communication Priorities in a globally distributed environment

2 Discussion on Key Competences for German and French speaking clients (the role of outsourced Service Centers and Global Delivery Centers).

3 Body Language as a Tool Kit in a Service Center Environment

4 Shorthand Etiquette and the importance of setting a Prompt Connect with Customers and Business Partners exploring one’s concerns.

5 Responsive Listening - a prompt reaction to nonverbal signals of customer behavior (paralinguistic factors: pitch, tone, emotional character, rhythm, lip design, space expansion, slow motion, intensity of communication).

6 Emotional Alphabet – a new Syntax to communicate: rhythm and intensity of conversation (on the phone, videoconferencing, face-to-face interaction) and written discussion with customers (IM, SMS, email, life chat and other mobile channels)

7 Soft skills to synchronize private and professional life (alignment, connect vs. disconnect)

8 The dynamic impact interacting with a calling / chatting customer (directly: therapeutic; in the long run: socializing; target: a returning client).

9 The Power of the Voice – Tone, Melody and Sound Control in a multinational environment

10 Volume, Pace and Diction as Impact Factors of Succeeding in Sales

11 Brevity and the Sound Bite – the Appearance of an Support and Sales Expert who keeps it short

12 Ticketing Information - How to chop down a message and extract information

13 Rhetorical questions as a Supporter of corporate values

14 Framing Points of Reference as “already known” in a responsive way to support Customer’s view

15 WALK TALL, NOT SMALL! facing radical Customer Demands

Литература по темите:


HALL, EDWARD & MILDRED: Hidden Differences, Doing Business with the Japanese, New York 1987

GORDON, THOMAS: Leadership Effectiveness Training, New York 2001 (25th revised ed.).

JEFFRIES, MARK: Using the Secrets of Strategic Communication and Soft Skills to Win, London 2008.

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