CLLB660 Семинар: "Пътуване из древна Тракия" (Travelling through Ancient Thrace)


Students will visit different areas in Bulgaria in order to get acquainted with the ancient heritage of the region. Both sites and museums will be visited. Printed materials about the region will be provided in advance. Seminar classes will be held before and after the trips.

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доц. Майя Василева  д-р
проф. Петър Димитров  д.н.
гл. ас. Владимир Маринов  д-р

Описание на курса:


Успешно завършилите курса студенти:

1) знаят:

the major historical sites of ancient Thrace.

2) могат:

to analyze epigraphic, archaeological and visual evidence on ancient Thrace.

Предварителни изисквания:
• good command of English

Форми на провеждане:

Учебни форми:
Семинар в извън учебно време

Език, на който се води курса:

Теми, които се разглеждат в курса:

Suggested routes and subjects for discussions:

1. Regional Historical Museum of Kyustendil. The place of ancient Pautalia in the history of Thracian lands.

2. “The valley of the Thracian Kings”. “Iskra” Historical Museum of Kazanluk. The Thracian tombs at the Ostrousha, Shoushmanets, Golyama Kosmatka, the Griffins, Golyama ARsenalka Mounds. Thracian burial rites and cult.

3. Western Bulgarian lands in the Regional Historical Museum of Pernik.

4. Thracian rock-cut monuments and sanctuaries. A visit to the Eastern Rhodopes.

5. Thracian dolmens. A visit to the Strahdzha Mountain. Historical Museum of Malko Turnovo.

6. Greek colonies along the western Black Sea coast. A visit to the museums of Sozopol, Burgas, Pomorie, Nessebur, Varna. Cultural interactions between Greeks and Thracians.

7. The valley of the Maritsa River. A visit to the Pistiros site, the Pazardzhik Regional Historical Museum, the Thracian tomb at Vetren.

8. The lands of the Getae: The Sveshtary tomb. The Regional Historical Museum of Isperih and Shoumen.

Литература по темите:

ad hoc

Средства за оценяване:

1 paper + 1 presentation