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Павлин Дулев

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M.Sc. Pavlin Dulev is actually working in CloudSigma AG and finalizing his PhD thesis at the Department of Information Technologies at "St. Kliment Ohridski" University in Sofia. He graduated his MBA at New Bulgarian University in the field of telecommunications and information technology. From 2005 he becomes instructor in the Regional Cisco Academy at Sofia University. As a PhD student, the author participated in various projects in Germany and Macedonia. About the project "MOVE ON", the author develops a mobile learning system for an iPhone. His international sanding includes some certificates concerning the leading information and telecommunication technologies. He works closely with colleagues from Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Germany and Portugal on problems of implementation and use of mobile learning to training professionals and students. The main areas of research interest are design of electronic and mobile learning platform, web platforms of teleconferencing and telecollaboration, telecommunications and information technology.


Model for creating of video lectures for E-learning, Telecom 2010, Bulgaria

Platform for E-learning with VoIP integration, VIII-th International conference "Society of knowledge and humanity of XXI century", Bulgaria

The use of tablets as mobile aids in E-learning, INTE2011, Portugal

Information system for communication and collaboration in SMB,

Telecom 2011, Bulgaria

Application of WEB 2.0 technologies in small and medium businesses, Telecom 2011, Bulgaria

Integrated platform for mobile learning

Innovative forms of distance learning in technical sciences, 2013, Bulgaria

M-Learning system design - TECHNOLOGY AND PEDAGOGY ASPECTS, 2013 IADIS, Portugal

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