The European Mind: Doctoral studies in Semiotics for a knowledge and value based society (SEMKNOW)

Кратко представяне на програмата:

Brief Overview:

SEMKNOW is the first international PhD Program in Semiotics. The program is unique also because it is the first in the field of semiotics with vocational and not purely academic orientation. Doctoral research projects obligatorily include field work within companies and institutions engaged in the creation and the propagation of knowledge useful for the social inclusion and the higher standards of living. Research projects will bring added value to these institutions and companies. To guarantee the necessary level of excellence we are merging four among the most prestigious semiotics departments in Europe - the Department of Semiotics at Tartu University - Estonia; the Interdepartmental Centre for Research on Communication (CIRCe), Torino University, Italy; Centre for Research Education at the Lapland University, Finland and the Southeast European Center for Semiotic Studies at New Bulgarian University. There will be also a unified integration module for all candidates without semiotic background from their previous studies. The program is open to candidates from many fields of study. For further information:

Specialisations and Professional Qualification:

Field of Science: Philosophy

Subject of science: Contemporary philosophic studies (semiotics)

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The European Mind: Doctoral studies in Semiotics for a knowledge and value based society (SEMKNOW)



Each PhD research project in SEMKNOW is conducted in the private or in the public sphere, in real working conditions. Partners of the program are institutions and companies, specialized in the production and distribution of knowledge. The outcomes of each research project are guaranteed to bring added value to the hosting institution or company. Partner of SEMKNOW so far are the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi Bulgaria ( , The Institute for Market Economy (, The Globus Media Group (, Graffiti BBDO Group BG ( and JOBS.BG Ltd. (

Международна мобилност:

International Mobility:

Student's mobility for at least one semester in one of the partner universities is an obligatory part of SEMKNOW. Students can choose between study or research modules of 30 ECTS as objective of their period abroad. Other universities will join the program and the choice of options for the student's mobility will grow in future.

Компетенции на завършилите програмата:

Students graduate with the following competences:

Our PhD students will acquire knowledge about the most important schools and methods of the semiotic tradition. SEMKNOW is designed as a result of a considerable effort to compose unified study modules, overcoming the dominance of one particular tradition or school. But the most important for our future doctors will be the capability to apply the semiotic research methods to real problems in companies and organizations outside the university.



Students accomplish the program collecting 180 credits following the study program structure and defending a dissertation in front an international scientific jury.

Професия и възможни заемани длъжности:

Professional qualification and possible occupations:

The professional qualification of the graduated students will depend very much on the external organization or company in which the application of the research will take place. Our partners will have to do with the production and distribution of knowledge which improves social relations, quality of life and social inclusion. Such companies might be the education television channels, Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, important advertising agencies, consumer organizations against advertising abuses, bureaus for qualification of unemployed people, human resource companies, sociological agencies, socially engaged media, national television, etc.

Департамент, предложил програмата:

Югоизточноевропейски център за семиотични изследвания