Networking Technologies

Short presentation of the programme:

The first two years training program covers general education courses; lecture courses: Programming (C ++), Computer Systems, Object Oriented Programming (C ++), Introduction to Networks, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Local and Global networks, Databases and SQL, etc.; extracurricular forms of training: Project on Programming, Databases, Algorithms in Graphs, independent course works. During the third and fourth year education is organized in specialized courses in the program and extracurricular forms of training, including practices and internships. From the third year the program offers two modules that lead to professional qualifications. Students will be able to specialise in Network administration or Network programming.

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Networking Technologies
  • Prof. Vladimir Lazarov, D.Sc. NETB102 Computer Systems NETB122 Individual course work: Computer Systems NETB206 Computer Architectures
  • Prof. Zdravko Karakehayov, D.Sc. NETB300 Practice on Local Area Networks Design NETB302 Real-Time Systems NETB322 Individual course work: Real-time Systems NETB357 Mobile Communications NETB370 Practice on Networks Administration NETB405 Sensor Networks NETB434 Contemporary Manufacturing Communications NETB452 Distributed Systems
  • Prof. Ivan Landzhev, D.Sc NETB103 Linear Algebra NETB133 Individual course work: Linear Algebra NETB157 Automata and Computability NETB159 Combinatorics NETB167 Individual course work: Automata and Computability NETB308 Coding Theory NETB318 Individual course work: The Theory of Error Correcting Codes NETB353 Cryptography NETB373 Applied Cryptography and Data Protection
  • Prof. Todor Stoilov, D.Sc. NETB474 Network Operations and Testing
  • Prof. Tsvyatko Rangelov, D.Sc. NETB183 Individual course work: Mathematical Analysis
  • Prof. Krassimir Manev, PhD NETB150 Discrete Mathematics NETB241 Parallel Programming NETB242 Algorithms in Graphs NETB244 Project on Algorithms in Graphs
  • Prof. Marin Marinov, PhD NETB219 Analytical Geometry NETB229 Individual course work on Analytical Geometry
  • Prof. Nelly Maneva, PhD NETB421 Management of IT Company NETB470 Marketing in IT Industry
  • Prof. Rumen Staynov, PhD NETB435 System Internet Programming
  • Assoc. Prof. Vasil Furnadzhiev, PhD NETB174 Individual course work: Introduction to Networks
  • NETB464 Enterprise Networks Management
  • Assoc. Prof. Georgi Tuparov, PhD NETB307 Distributed Databases NETB317 Applications for Distributed Databases NETB337 Individual course work: Distributed Databases NETB438 UML Modelling
  • Assist. Prof. Denitza Topchiyska, PhD NETB476 Legal Aspects of Information Society
  • Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Atanasov, PhD NETB253 Probability Theory
  • NETB425 IT Careers
  • NETB153 Mathematical Analysis
  • Assoc. Prof. Emil Stoilov, PhD NETB238 Network Architectures NETB248 Individual course work: Network Architectures NETB300 Practice on Local Area Networks Design NETB309  NETB324 Remote Access Networking NETB334 Network Technologies Labs NETB356 Network Hardware NETB360 Network Devices Configuring NETB370 Practice on Networks Administration NETB386 Individual course work on Network Hardware
  • Chief Assist. Prof. Lasko Laskov, PhD NETB100 Programming NETB125 Programming Labs NETB140 Individual course work on Programming NETB156 Object-Oriented Programming NETB162 Object-Oriented Programming Labs NETB190 Individual course work: Object-Oriented Programming NETB358 Programming with Java NETB368 System and User Applications with Java NETB374 Practice on Programming NETB378 Individual course work: Programming with Java NETB380 Practice on Programming NETB482 Programming with Qt Platform NETB483 Qt Platform Applications
  • Assoc. Prof. Nikolay Kirov, PhD NETB131 Project on Programming NETB201 Data Structures NETB223 Project on Data Structures NETB330 Individual course work: Advanced Programming - Part I NETB374 Practice on Programming NETB390 Individual course work: Advanced Programming - Part II NETB482 Programming with Qt Platform NETB483 Qt Platform Applications
  • Assoc. Prof. Peter Paynel, PhD NETB257 Databases and SQL
  • Assoc. Prof. Rumen Radev, PhD NETB457 Technologies for Internet Applications NETB467 Internet Applications Design
  • Chief Assist. Prof. Valentina Ivanova, PhD NETB369 Management of IT Projects NETB400 Multifunctional WEB Interface NETB422 Software Technologies NETB439 Software Projects Development
  • George Sharkov, PhD NETB426 Cybersecurity
  • Chief Assist. Prof. Yoana Minkova, PhD NETB371 Network Multimedia Applications NETB381 Individual course work: Network Multimedia Applications NETB496 Internship: Networking technologies NETB498 Internship: Networking technologies
  • Chief Assist. Prof. Lachezar Tomov, PhD NETB385 Visual Programming NETB401 Client-Server Web Programming NETB411 Client-Server Web Applications NETB439 Software Projects Development NETB461 System and User Applications with .Net
  • Chief Assist. Prof. Mariyana Raykova, PhD NETB269 Applications of Database Systems NETB317 Applications for Distributed Databases NETB337 Individual course work: Distributed Databases
  • Chief Assist. Prof. Stoyan Boev, PhD NETB157 Automata and Computability NETB167 Individual course work: Automata and Computability NETB219 Analytical Geometry NETB229 Individual course work on Analytical Geometry
  • NETB380 Practice on Programming
  • Assoc. Prof. Philip Philipov, PhD NETB217 Computer Architectures Labs
  • Chief Assist. Prof. Emil Kelevedjiev NETB234 Data Structures Labs NETB258 Web-programming with HTML and JavaScript NETB329 Programming with Python NETB339 Individual course work: Programming with Python NETB342 Python Applications
  • Chief Assist. Prof. Rositsa Goleva NETB202 Operating Systems NETB212 Operating Systems Labs NETB224 Individual course work: Operating Systems NETB352 UNIX / Linux Operating Systems NETB362 Linux Labs
  • NETB273 Individual course work: Probability Theory NETB303 Applied Statistics
  • Veselin Hadjitodorov NETB365 Security of Systems and Data
  • NETB274 Routing NETB276 Routing Labs NETB294 Local Area Networks NETB295 Individual course work: Local Area Networks
  • Ivo Vachkov NETB254 Global Networks NETB275 Individual course work: Global Networks NETB301 Secure Code Programming NETB409 Network Security NETB419 Network Security Labs
  • NETB234 Data Structures Labs
  • NETB402 Virtualization
  • NETB154 Introduction to Networks
  • Pavlin Dulev NETB403 MPLS Service Provider Networks
  • Pano Panov NETB469 System Internet Programming Labs NETB481 Cloud Technologies